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Halal Food Standards Alliance of America is a Halal certification body promoting higher & inclusive Halal standards to accommodate all Muslims

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For the past several decades, the growth of the Halal food economy has been overwhelming. However, the supply of Halal authorization and authentication has not kept up with this growth, both in terms of quality as well as transparency. If the halal economy is to succeed, it needs to have a firm foundation upon which to rest its values. HFSAA provides a much-needed role in ensuring that Halal customers are not being shortchanged in their pursuit of values-based consumerism.

Shahed Amanullah, Zabihah.com

A more efficient way of protecting the consumer is to have an outside certifying body to ensure a proper standard is upheld. At that point, it’s the consumer’s choice on whether to buy certified halal meat or meat which is not clearly labeled. The important thing is that the choice lies with the consumer to satisfy the Quranic injunction of ‘mutual consent’ in transactions. HFSAA is an organization which is working towards this fair trade through establishing standards and clear labeling.

Shaykh Rami Nsour, Tayba Foundation

The work of organizations such as HFSAA is of immense help to the modern Muslim who is trying his or her best to properly implement the laws of Allah, Most High. Do check the sources of your income. Do make sure you only feed your body with what is rigorously halal, pure and untainted with the disobedience of God for ultimately it affects your soul.

Dr. Rania Awaad, Rahmah Foundation

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