Food ingredients & custom blends

All coffee beans

Al-Maaedah Chicken

Fresh & Frozen Chicken

All chicken products

Product is available for sale to distributors and in select retail stores.

Archie’s Foods

Kubba products, a family of dishes based on spiced ground meat and grain, popular in Middle Eastern cuisine.

All products

Atkins Ranch Lamb

Processed New Zealand lamb products

All packaged products. Note: The packaging does not display any Halal logos, but all Atkins Ranch packaged products are certified

Products can be found in Whole Foods

AV Farms

Illinois based fresh goat and lamb

Product is available for sale to distributors and stores in Illinois

Get the meats you need delivered anywhere in the US

All Products

Flavor Burst

Syrups and flavors

List coming soon

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Ford Gum
Gridley Meats
Halal Pastures
Himalayan Momo
Kronos Halal Supreme
Locust Point Farm
Murray’s Chicken
Olague Farms Meat Packing, Inc.
One Stop Halal
Pik Nik Foods
Prima Noce
Supreme Beef Jerky
Upper Crust
Zina Salads

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